Firewood donation for firewood crisis

Your contribution has made such a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Your donation shows that you truly care about our cause and the work we do. Thank you for your support,  Words cannot express how much your donation means to us. But we believe our prayers will lead away for your blessings,  thanks.


This is one of among major challenges at the orphanage, and sometimes can lead people to sleep without food being cooked due to a lack of firewood at the organization.  That’s why we thank you for donating towards fire woods, we do believe here we shall have a relief of fire woods for two weeks.

A purchase of firewood for 380,000ugx was made to cater to the crisis of firewood at the orphanage.  May the hands that have been donated be blessed.

Firewood debit

We had a case at Bugiri police station, that occurred due to a Firewood crisis at the orphanage, resulting in the owner asking for the payment of the wood we had collected at an amount of 450,000ugx. We thank whoever donated to us to settle this issue and clear away the case from the authorities.

Thanks for sharing your support with us and loving our work toward an orphan child in Uganda 🇺🇬, together we can restore hope and give a new life journey to these orphaned children. Thanks and be blessed accordingly for the love and support of us here.