Orphan Baligye Noah introduction

Orphan Baligye Noah

Baligye Noah is 4 years old and member of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri. He joined us, when he was 1 year and six months old after the death of his beloved parents, who passed away of HIV/AIDS. He was left with a brother-in-law who couldn’t take care of him as he was a young boy. Since then, he has been with us here.

Baligye is not yet at school due to school requirements and school fees. But he loves to join schooling as now he talks about being barker man, because he loves enjoying breads. This making him to have a dream of running bakery when he grows up. We can make this happen and help these young generations to meet their dreams if we don’t abandon them. There’s still hope for them, if we join hands with that little, you can give, we can still create difference in their lives.

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