Introducing Musini Tuagole

Musini Tuagole is male by sex, aged 6 years, an orphan and a member of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri. Musini joined our organisation when he was 1 and 7 months in 2018, After the death of his grandparents who were taking care of him

Tuagole has sickness of ammonia, which always make his life too challenging, to extent of getting sick regularly.


Musini has reached the stage of attending school, but due to lack of enough funds at the organisation, he has not yet started school. But he loves go for schooling, for any support of his education he will appreciate it.


Tuagole wish or dream to be Army officer when he grows up, and the reason is to protect and defend his country. All these can happen when he is lend with a helping hands to start school, and fulfil his dreams.


Musini likes to eating meat and rice as his best dish, he loves red colour polite boy and friendly too.

Administrator report

Love and joy, comes through making friends. our boy he is, and we do request everybody who can help him to meet his dreams to support him.