Introducing Kauma Whitney aged 7 years

Whitney she one of the orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Centre orphanage in Bugiri, she has been with us so far 4 years old, she lost his father due to an road accident. Whitney’s mother is still alive, but she is disabled and unemployed single mother, making her unable to support her three children.

She joined Orphans of Uganda Children Center, when she was three years old. After our mother asking for support from the orphanage on helping to take care of her, with schooling, basic needs and being kept at the orphanage.

Whitney she is not at school per now, yet she is old enough to start schooling, but due to lack of enough financial aid at organisation to support her education, this has made her going to school inevitable. Whitney loves schooling, as she has dreams to fulfil too.


Whitney has a dream of running a none profit organisation too, in way of helping single mothers, needy children like her and supporting the disabled people like her mother.And she likes to eat rice and beans as her best food, she likes pink and purple colour at her favourite.

She loves playing netball and learning how to speak English language, and she is a smart girl ever.

Orphanage leader’s memo

Together as humans we can do more for such children like Whitney, and help them to fulfil their dreams, and show that dreams can be reality. Education support is one for the best ways of helping the hopeless children in this world.

No matter where you come from or who your, we can make life easier for each and every one if we join hands together and support each other. And show them, challenges are there, but it’s not the end of life.