Introducing Mutesi Awuuratu aged 7 years

Mutesi Awuuratu she is 7 years old, an orphan too and a member of Orphans of Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Children Center in Bugiri, she lost her mother due to blood pressure after hearing the bad news that her husband the biological father of Mutesi was sentenced to death in prison. Mutesi remained in the hands of his elderly brother, who was 9 years old. And he was in charge of providing for the needs of the Mutesi.

She joined…

… Orphans of Uganda Children Center when she was 3 years old, after her senior brother failing to provide and caring for her. She has been part of this family almost four years and she is now seven years old, and ready to start schooling.

Education πŸŽ“

Mutesi she has never been at school, yet she is ready to start schooling. But due to lack of funds at the organisation to support her education, this has made her not to be in school by now. She loves joining school as she own her dreams to make true when she is supported with education.


Mutesi has a dream of being a nurse and she hope one day she will make her dream a reality if she is helped and be taken to hospital, as she always promise to study hard and fulfil her dream and help in saving lives.


She is so religious, and her favourite colours is white and black, and she want to be eating chicken and matooka  as her best dishes.

Request report from her

Mutesi Awuuratu do request all the people around the world to feel concerned on the orphaned children in this world and even take time for them, and support them too. As many children like her are out there and in need of support or helplessly.

Orphanage/caretaker report

Mutesi she is a good girl, religious and determine to change her future if she can be offered any chance of doing so. For further details contact us via our contacts detail on this website.

Yours:- orphanage caretaker Byarugaba Isma