Happy day for 42 girls, 53 more children need clothes

Group photo

Thanks to our dear friends from Cologne Germany who have donated to towards the clothing of 42 girls at our organization here at Orphans Of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri.

We do appreciate that brotherhood and sisterhood heart, the love of each other on these needy children, thanks to you all for standing with these orphan children. However, there is more 53 children who also need these help of being clothed, and we call upon for those who can join the cause of clothing these children, to join us and donate too as all children need to be treated equally in order to be raised in love. And these can be done by taking a step to donate or to lend those in need a helping hands.

We believe there those who can sacrifice for others to live, lets do so if you own that ability of helping anyone in need. As we move hand in hand with the needy children, non deserve to live such a life of lacking. Thanks for clothing our 42 children, and we keep on calling upon for donations to do gender balance and clothe up the 53 more remaining children, lets save up the Future.

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