Meet orphan Suubi Herman – new member at Children Center

Orphan Suubi Herman

Suubi Herman is 9 years old, with a dream of becoming a construction engineer. He joined us at Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri last year during the Covid-19 situations after his elder brother who was taking care of him passed away due to the hard times of lockdown. Suubi remained helpless alone with none to take care of him.

So this forced his community members to look for possible ways of helping, and they decided to hand him to our organization, Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, to caring for him.

He has not yet started with schooling, but he loves to do so as he is old enough to attend school. As the organization leaders or caretaker, we call upon for anyone to sponsor him with his education as he has a dream of becoming an engineer and also helping other children in the same situation. We can help him to fulfill his dream if we join hands together and lend him a hand of Support, let’s move side by side with these children.