Orphan Nabirye Shaminah introduction

Orphan Nabirye Shaminah

Nabirye Shaminah is 11 years old and has seen her parents since childhood. She grew up eating oatmeal because she could not be breastfed. Sometimes there was not even this simple food. This I changed since she has been with us.

Nabirye Shaminah is one of the children who have spent almost their entire life here at the orphanage. She came to the organization when she was a baby of one week old. Shaminah is one of the more friendly and social children and she loves being in school because her big dream is to become a doctor.

Shaminah is now in the fourth grade of elementary school. She is the best in the class and is very motivated in class. Her big wish is to make it to university and be one of those who can save people’s lives.

In addition to Nabirye Shaminah, there are several other children who would like to attend school in order to learn a trade later on. Therefore, the “Orphans of Uganda Children Center” appeals to support these orphans through a sponsorship and help them to fulfill their dream of a vocational education.