Big donation from our organization donors from Germany

Three cows and three sheep for eating to orphans at the home for Orphans of Uganda Children Center, thanks for being part of the organization, thanks for supporting these children and once more thanks for standing with these children’s live, not because of your well off, but because of the love of humanity. 

Dreams are becoming true for your love and support to orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, without your continuously surviving donation to our organization.

We couldn’t be making it up now in helping and rescuing children’s lives in communities of Uganda, as the organization leaders/volunteers. We have nothing big to offer back to your continuously support to our organization, but we always pray for the best of each of you accordingly and get blessed abundantly above all.

The world need more people like you brothers and sisters, in order to save our tomorrow, the children are the only way to a better tomorrow, if we abandon them then there is no better tomorrow and the world will not be a safe place for anyone to live on.

Let’s all join hands together with the little we can do to stand and support these children and families in need, and those who have lost hope in their lives. We can, if we give it a try. Children will be saved and none will live up that life of worries, together we can do it.

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