Orphan: Nakadama Nassabu

Meet Nakadama Nasaabu one of among the elderly girls, at our organization. She is 16 years old, and all of her life she has spent it here at the organization, since she among the youngest children who was adopted into the organization by the late Mrs kagoya fatumah, who was the founder of the organization. 
When she was two days old, and her biological mother had mantel disorder, and his biological father is unknown. Because her mother unable to take care of the young baby due to her illness, the community decided to handle the newly born baby to our late mom. From then, Nassabu has spent all the sixteen years under the care and support of our organization.

Personal dreams / what should like to be or to become when she grew up:

Nakadama Nassabu always dreams of being businesswoman through tailoring or running up tailor shop. Since she failed to attend schooling due to lack of school requirements or School money, and now she has come up with an idea of planning, for how she can earn her self a living, life after here at the organization.

Two years to say bye bye to the organization, as she is sixteen years, she is remaining with two year to clock up to eighteen years, and according to the organization policy, non should stay here when she or he is more than 18 years. 

Sewing machines: Nakadama and other elderly girls do call upon for the support of purchasing to them sewing machines, which help them in life after here at the organization. As each ordinary sewing machine costs 125 € or $ 150 which is 500,000 shillings in Ugandan money. For any donation, you can donate through our website donation page.

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