Urgently treatment donation needed

Urgently, the only way to make it and support our brother’s life is by lending our organization Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, helping hands of donation in order, to support Yusuf mutumba one of among the orphans in our organization and under our care.

Donation for treatment is needed in the hospital, where he will spend one month being monitored, and receiving treatment. For any donation on this treatment, support will be highly appreciated as  it’s needed urgently in hospital to help the doctor’s do their work smoothly on him.

For what we will use your donations:

Yusuf also needs drinks, food stuffs and other requirements to help him in the hospital he is staying. As the organization, we have done our best, but due to the poor financial standing of the organization, we do appeal and call upon whoever can join us to support our boy to fight the sickness of the heart. Any financial support will help us to pay for the hospital treatment bills, together if we join hands with the little we can come up with it will create a difference and help him to be treated and cared too, and all this needs some financial support.

Being an orphan and being raised here under our organization care, we know none of his family members who can join us and have away of helping him out of this moment of sickness. That’s why we do appeal to well-wishers who can stand with us to donate such that we can pay his treatment bills and care for him too in the hospital, as he is now under the organization care.

Please Friends all over the world, on behalf of our young boy admitted in hospital, we do call upon for donations to support him.

I think people forget that it doesn’t take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations. Quote by Hannah Teter.

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