Orphan: Baatala Isma

Bataala Isma

Baatala Isma is 17 years old, and one of among the elderly boys here at the organization, he has problem of hearing, (half deaf). He joined orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, when he was just 3-years old after his parents abandoning him in certain areas where they were renting. And in helping him, our late mother Fatima decided to rise him as his child since non knew nothing about his relative.


Isma has never had a chance of joining school due to his hearing problem, because whenever he could go to school, teacher could complain about his hearing situation. And this made him in not fitting in classes/lessons.


Baatala since he has problem of hearing, he needs to be a carpenter, someone who makes furniture, which can help him in future to be employed somewhere in someone’s store of furniture. Isma calls upon for anyone who can support him to join technical school which can help him to achieve his dream of becoming a carpenter. 

Since in technical schools or college, they teach by practicing or actions.

As Orphans of Uganda Children Center organization on behalf of Baatala Isma we do request, or appeal to each of you who can support him to join technical school, and he achieves bis dreams any amount helps as so far we have checked on technical schools around here, Isma will need € 250 per semester to be able to starting schooling, and it will take 2-years for him to complete schooling and be able to be awarded working certificate which can enable him to be employed somewhere.

Donation, anyone willing to support him, you can donate throughout donation link in our website.

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