All credits go to each one who donated to charity giving of helping one of our organization boy….

..Yusuf who is admitted in hospital due to heart surgery, and treatment. And today as organization leaders we visited him in the hospital where he is admitted, and really your support has played a big role to be helped by the hospital professionals to fight for his life.

None had hope among us that one day Yusuf’s health condition will come to normal as it’s showing up now, because the hospital, had already given us the bill to make payments such that he can be saved. But none of us or our organization had even a single coin to pay for his surgery and treatment, since it was expensive and none could afford it.

Thanks for sure for standing with Orphans at orphans of Uganda Children Center, thanks for being part of his life, thanks for support of medicine, thanks for support of his hospital up keeps/ food, thanks loving our children, and thanks for sacrificing all you have given out towards his surgery.

May you all be blessed abundantly

..You deserve a lot in whatever you raise on your hands. May you all keep up that humanity heart of being concerned to each and every human in need. And let’s keep praying for him and everyone over here at Orphans of Uganda Children Center to stay strong with hope too.

Whoever has been part of this, we thank you all. It has been big, challenging to our organization, it was big task to carry on, life has been saved, and now our brother feels better than before, and soon we have hope he will be realized to come back home to meet his friends.

Thanks for being part of the reason why he is now breathing, and let’s not give up on him as he needs some medicine he will be taking when he is at home. For further helping him in recovering, to heal completely.

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