Blessed be the helping hands feeding us on a monthly basis

As Orphans of Uganda Children Center organization

.. we would like to thank our organization donors, for the continuous support of food, you do share with is over here on monthly basis. With your monthly support as helped in life changing of our Orphans we do care for and  keeping everyone health and happy.

Big difference in the lives of  volunteers and children.

With your support has created a big impact on lives of different people here, through life changing. Because before your monthly donation, we had a problem of starvation, but now it’s in history because we do receive food on daily basis throughout the monthly, thanks for standing up with and helping our organization in large.

Life to celebrate, everyone here is so appreciated for the type of life you’re giving us to live in, making us to live like other people do live because before your monthly donation we used to live in challenging life without food. But you have made our organization a better place for everyone desire to be in, all in all we say may you all get blessed accordingly for standing with us and helping out organization children in different ways to live better life.

Thanks for helping..

.. And changing lives here at our organization, we do appreciate really for the good work you’re doing here in Uganda through our organization. The world need more people like you to make this world a better place for everyone to live in. thanks to our donors for being good, humanitarian to our organization children. May each of you be blessed accordingly

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