Orphan: Peace Ajacka

Peace she is 6 years old, and she joined us here at our home last year 2020, in February after the death of her Father, His father passed away due to HIV/AIDS, and she was left with her uncle who used to abuse her sexually, and her  mom passed away some years back. When our organization director heard from the community stories about what peace passed through, he decided to join her to our organization


Peace she is in primary one, just that due to COVID-19 out break schools are not operating in Uganda, but with time when the government opens up schools she will go back to school. All our request as the organization, we do call upon for any good humanitarian to work in hand with our organization to support her back to school when schools resume in Uganda.

Dreams and Goals:

Peace has a dream of becoming musician as all she loves music, dancing and drama a lot, and this can be achieved if we give her helping hand and support her dream to be a reality, together we can help these children meet their dreams.