Organisation’s land title in processing.

On behalf of OoU organisation management…

.. I the caregiver I would like to thank the helping hands, donor’s who have managed to join hands with our organisation coordinator and donate towards the processing amount of getting ownership of a land to our organisation land which we are hoping to construct on permanently home for the orphans and needy children.

Thanks for being part of this activity of securing our organisation land title and we believe now our organisation land will be safe and secure from any kind of landthifty.

Land title processing..

… amount was paid fully the sum of 5,590,000 Ugandan shillings – UGX – (like over 1400 €), which will help in all stages of processing our land title, and we do believe according to the surveyor who is working on this issue has assured us in the periods of three months our organisation land title will be out from the land title and automatically it will be handed over to the organisation.


… all payments where made and above there is the receipt for payment of the money in cash and all paperwork, mapping of the land, stamping of paperwork by the landboards, surveyor’s photos while on work which all brings on clear evidence that our money for the land title was received and some big activities needed where carried.

Thanks once more for the continuously helping hands to the work of our organisation may each of you stay blessed accordingly for the good work, love and support to our orphanage home in Uganda.