February 2022 monthly food & other requirements donation.

With much joy and appreciation…

… as members of orphans of Uganda children center in Uganda East Africa, we would love to thank all our organization supporting bodies and each individual at large for love and support to our organization towards its food, and other requirements for this. Really your support is changing lives and helping our organization in the smooth running of its work due to the cause of your support and children are growing healthy, and stronger due all because of the monthly donation we do receive at the home helping smoothly and efficiently with the needy children.

This month February 2022

… the organization has received monthly donation of € 937 Which has helped in the buying food such as 1000 kgs of maize flour, 200 kgs of beans, 10 liters of cook oil, tomatoes and other requirements like sanitary pads, jerrycans, plates, teeth past, teeth brush, toilet paper and soap four boxes which will take us through 25 days starting today 2/02/2022.

Some photos of the purchases:


We do appreciate all this progress of the organization, and it’s all happening due to the helping hands to help us achieve all this, and we can’t stop smiling and thanking each of you and the other willing to join this work of helping and giving back to those in needy mostly here at our home.

Thanks for being part of this work because without your support this beautiful charity work, we couldn’t be still standing without your support our organization donors. Stay abundantly and blessed accordingly for standing with our organization work.

Children do pray for peace and blessings to all of our donors.

Thanks a lot for all and everyone!