Fighting malaria caused by mosquito at the organisation

Friends and Donors of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri….

… we do really appreciate your help/support to our organisation. 55 mosquito nets costing 660000 Ugandan money for both children and the volunteer has been donated today 11/02/2022 to our orphanage to help and prevent our organisation children and volunteers against mosquito malaria which is causing the organisation to lose much money in treatment and paying hospital bill. We’re sorry for the late delay of this Thank-Post.

We do thank all of you…

…. who have donated to charity organisation work here at our home in Uganda, stay blessed always for supporting our organisation children and we the volunteer too. without your support and helping hands this here happening couldn’t be. Thanks for being good humanitarian brothers and sisters to the needy people.

These mosquito nets..

… will help to save lives of 95 orphans and 5 volunteer at the organisation Which is a big achievement to our orphanage. keep up the good helping hearts mostly to those needy people, Orphans and widows the world do appreciate your ways of helping those in need.


It is beautiful to meet the eyes of one whom one has just given a gift.” (Jean de La Bruyère)