Treatment/Medicine to 23 organisation members with malaria

Thanks for helping…

… some of our organisation children with two volunteers who are sick of malaria, typhoid, fever and cough children are not doing well but we hope with the availability of medicine or treatment at the organisation their health will change.

Thanks for support of treatment and everyone is now getting treated here at the organisation and two addmitted in hospital due to reasons that their sickness was at to much and they couldn’t be handed over here and the doctor decided that they should be taken to hospital for more treatment as they need doctors attention every time.

Some amount…

.. of 620euros was sent to be used in the payment of treatment to the hospital. we have paid the whole amount / bill.

most of the children are now healthy again, but one girl is still struggling. no matter what, we are so happy and grateful that we survived and got through this together, because the children were in a bad condition.

thanks for helping our organisation members to get treatment may each of you be blessed abundantly.