Aliyah update on her surgery.

Thanks for standing with one of our girl kauma Aliyah aged 6 years during her surgery. may you stay blessed abundantly

Kauma Aliyah she..

.. she is one among of the  95 organisation children, who had hernia surgery recently and after that surgery her health condition remained not okay and on 24/03/2022 she was sent to another hospital for more medical checkups and she was found with some complications in her stomach with the large intestine. And another surgery was needed to be carried on in order to save her life and stop all pain she was going through.

Her secondly surgery..

.. has been made and it was successfully, and all the credits goes directly to our organisation donors who heard the call and turned up in the right time for the love of helping her to fight for her life. Thanks to each and everyone out there for donating to support her surgery in order to save her life, may each of you continuously grow blessed day to day life and keep giving to those in need.

As OoU organisation management…

… we thank you for standing with us in all corners of challenging in this charity work of helping, supporting the orphan children in Uganda. Peace and blessings to each of you for the love and supportive acts to our orphanage home in Uganda. Thanks sisters and brothers for the helping hands to this work may all your helping hands acquire more and keep on helping others in need, Thanks so much!!!