Orphan Introducing: Mulondi, one of among the young boys at the organization

Meet mulondi…

…one of among our organization boys who lost all his parents in an accident when he was 1 year old, from then he is under the care of our organization because none of his family members or relatives wished to take care him due to the high rate of poverty in some parts of Uganda.

Being our..

… work to offer such services to such people the organization took a step in and started caring for him, mulondi is bright boy who love studying as he has a dream of being a lawyer in future to help more children who are being abandoned by parents and some of there family members. Mulondi is not at school due to organization lack of funds to support him with education support

Any chance of help/support will help him to get back to school in order to achieve his goals in life, as the organization we do appeal to good humanitarian assistance to help mulondi achieve his dream and other children at organization in large.p